The Royal Oak, Corsley Heath, Warminster BA12 7PR


A little bit about the village of Corsley Heath and The Royal Oak’s history…


The small parish of Corsley is situated on the Somerset border next to Longleat. It is quite unusual in that it has no village and no centre, only the distinct hamlets of Corsley, define it and are loosely connected by narrow lanes.

The name ‘Corsley Heath’ is believed to come from the Old British word, ‘Cors’ meaning reeds or a swamp. Apart from the chalk area around Cley Hill, most of the parish is on Upper Greensand. Two streams flowing west into Somerset trisect it. The Rodden Brook passes Corsley church and Corsley Mill, and the Whitbourne flows in a steeper, almost unseen valley to the south. Heavily wooded hills rise to the south of the Whitbourne, and these are part of the Longleat Estate transferred to Corsley in 1934.

The Royal Oak Inn itself, was originally built in the 18th century out of stone, and extended further in the 19th century. Its first lease was granted by Longleat Estate in 1749 and has served the community of Corsley Heath ever since.

TENANT UPDATE The Royal Oak’s tenant’s are changing!

After 7 joyous years Kerry and Mark Jenkins are ending their tenancy at The Royal Oak.

From Thursday 10th March a new tenant called Mark Neale will be running the show!! Watch this space and we wish you good luck!

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